Liability Insurance for Photographers

Our Liability Insurance for Photographers is designed to package together your various insurance requirements into one package and wont cost you the price of a new Hasselblad to do so!
Public liability policies are designed to cover you against claims made by the public for negligent acts and accidents that were caused by you during the course of your work.
Depending on the venues where you work, they may require an increased indemnity level. Our public liability insurance for Photographers caters for indemnity levels of up to 10M, includes Product’s Liability as standard, and allows you to include Employer’s liability cover, either at the inception of your policy, or at any point during your policy term.
Furthermore you can add employees as and when required – all fully administered online.
The policy will also cover the public liability element of any studio you might run – since the policy is held against the acts of the business as a whole.
  • Options for 1M, 2M, 5M & 10M Public / Products liability indemnity level.
  • Employers liability, with discounted rates for clerical workers.
  • Instant cover, and fully administered online.
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